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Seeing Secrecy: Object Orientated Ontologies

My friend told me a story about going to Tiananmen Square with a group of students he was with. He had a banner that read out ‘Class of 2008! Beijing Study Trip’ in Chinese that he wanted the students to hold for a nice snapshot, a fond memory of their time together. He’d just taken his bag off his shoulder, hadn’t even pulled the rolled-up sign fully out of it, when a firm hand gripped his shoulder and a voice said ‘No you don’t. Move it along right away.’
Clearly, any notion of anything remotely resembling demonstration is off limits here. What I couldn’t work out during my visit there last month was how many people knew, how many didn’t know and how many would never know about the history of Tiananmen Square.
Exploring the notion of censorship with students is interesting – how much information is too much information? How much information is too much, for them, and for me, how much information about their own lives in China is too much to either know, or want to know, and what …

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